Clients have many reasons for hiring Jill-of-all-Trades. These reasons usually boil down to one issue –

Clients realized that their –

Attempts had Failed
So they finally reached a –

Turning Point
and then they could share their –

Inspirational Stories


Did you know that stress hormones actually damage your organs and the brain cells you need for your memory?  

The stress that comes from day-to-day living in disorder impacts your – 

  • Health – Increases blood pressure, increases sensations of pain
  • Weight – Disrupts hormones related to appetite control, slows metabolism
  • Sleep – Disrupts sleep patterns, increases fatigue and brain fog in the day
  • Brain – Increases negative thought patterns, disrupts learning and memory
  • Mood – Increases irritability, anxiety, depression

Living in a cluttered home has a negative effect on your –
            Self image
            Career advancement
            Family safety

Being disorganized can impact almost every area of a person’s life. It can lead to further crisis situations with –
            Court system
                                    And much more...

The Resources section has loads of web information on health and wellness issues!

Attempts Have Failed

If you aren’t making progress by yourself, it makes sense to get some expert guidance.

Don’t you hire someone to –
            tailor your evening dress?
            tune your piano?           
            prepare your taxes?
            sell your house?
Just recognize yourself for your wonderful talents at –
            culinary creations
            legal research
            public speaking
            quilt making
            community organizing

Then move forward to get guidance for those tasks that you do not enjoy or do not do well.

Please remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire someone to be the organizational architect for you in your home or office.            


From Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Dr. Daniel Amen

“When stress becomes unremitting, it hurts the brain. In a series of studies reported in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, researchers looked at the effects of long-term exposure to stress hormones, especially cortisol, on the brain function of older adults, young adults, and children.

They found that older adults with continuously high levels of cortisol performed worse on memory tests than older adults with moderate or low cortisol levels. In addition, older adults with long-term exposure to high cortisol levels also had, on average, a 14 percent smaller hippocampus, the area of the temporal lobes involved with memory.”