Clients who have hired Jill-of-all-Trades for help include – 
lawyers, doctors, CEOs
fundraisers, non-profit leaders
quilters, knitters, artists, musicians
sales professionals, real estate agents
retirees, moms-at-home, kids and teens
Congressmen, lobbyists, government managers
professors, school teachers, professional speakers
psychologists, acupuncturists, writers, social workers
photographers, painters, sculptors, artists, craftspeople
scientists, IT professionals, stock investment professionals
librarians, historians, poets, radio producers, newsletter publishers
...and more

On overwhelming stress with the mess:
“I’m flustered with the mounds of papers. I can’t think straight and I can’t remember what I’m doing. I go from room-to-room in between taking care of my kids. I don’t know what to give up. I don’t know what kind of furniture to buy to store things in.  It’s all in motion. I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to “short” myself out and fry my brain. I’m yelling at my husband for stupid things. I need a little bit of normality in my life.”
R.V., Mom with toddlers, Bethesda, Maryland