Challenging Situations

Do you feel overwhelmed by more and more new projects and tasks to do?

Are they heaped on top of all those other basic family responsibilities – plus working that full-time job?

Who has the time or the extra energy to deal with these extra challenges?

Changes in life lead to transitional adjustment periods.  Eventually, you adapt to the new living or working situation (or burnout – but that’s another story).

But the process of adapting can take a very long time and be needlessly stressful without help from a professional organizer to rearrange your space to make those changes blend seamlessly into your environment.

The reasons for hiring Jill-of-all-Trades are varied. Most of Jill’s  clients would describe themselves as being chronically disorganized (they have struggled all their lives to create structure and find order).

For others, it’s that life-changing event (the “transition”) that tips the scales and overwhelms their ability to stay organized. These folks are referred to as situationally or transitionally disorganized.
Life transitions like those listed here can add even more tasks that need to be accomplished in that crazy busy 24-hour day.

            How many of these situations are you dealing with now? 

            Remarriage/merged households

            Job loss
             Job promotion
            Move of a business office
            Start of a home-based business

            Preparations to sell a house and buy another
            Renovation or building of a new home
            Move out/settle in

            Illness or injury
            Caregiver for a family member

            Grief over death of a family member
            Inheritance of family possessions
            Oversight for a complex estate

Boomer Issues
            Adult child/grandchild moves in
            Empty nest
            Downsize to smaller quarters

Senior Issues
            Retiring from a career
            Learning a new hobby
            Move to assisted living

A large percent of Jill’s clients have needed extra help because of an injury, illness or disability.  Clients have received customized help specific to organizing needs to help them with their conditions.  Illnesses and injuries of clients that Jill has helped have included  – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS), Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Stroke, Kidney Transplant, Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer.

When any major transition occurs that requires extra time and work, all the hurrying in the world will not get you caught up on a backlog of organizing tasks. You need focused expert help to clear the mishmash and design easier operational systems.

Clutter is a constant stress on the body. Clearing the clutter releases your body to breathe deeply, stretch and say Aaaahhh! with a sigh of relief. It’s amazing what coming home to a calm retreat can do to help body and soul recuperate from day-to-day turmoil of the outside world.




On Jill’s Services to Senior in Transition:
“Dear Jill,
Thanks for being so helpful & wonderful with my Dad. I adore my father, love him to pieces, and I feel good knowing you are one of the people who is helping him. With warmth and admiration"

J.R., Marketing, Chicago, Illionis (Dad in Chevy Chase, Maryland)












On Jill’s Help with Newlyweds:
I had Jill help me organize when we moved all my stuff into Jim’s house after we got married. I thought she was fabulous – when she came in, our place was so cluttered and crowded that we could barely get into four rooms... By the time we were done the house was decluttered and rather pleasant, and everything had a home...I highly recommend her.
H.K., Attorney, Capitol Hill, Washington DC






On Jill’s Help with Social Security Disability:
“Jill also helped me enormously by writing a “witness” statement I submitted to Social Security Disability about how little energy I had when she worked with me, plus other observations comparing my problems to those of other people with illness she worked with.  I received my Social Security Disability in part due to her accurate, detailed report.”
T.N., disabled, Annapolis, Maryland