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TIME (Management)–Focus, Follow through, Finish

Perhaps you have to deal with a lot of paperwork for a legal case like a divorce or to settle a parent’s estate.  Aside from setting up a clearly categorized filing system with active desktop files, what else can you do to make daily processes like dealing with mail go more quickly and easily?

Jill can help you by teaching mind-mapping techniques so that you can visually understand the various parts of your tasks.  Next, comes a time line.  Then, specific lists of steps for each item scheduled on the time line.  For everyday projects and to-dos, a desktop sorter or portable file box can be assembled. 

That’s a specific example.  But there are many time management and inter-family communication processes that occur during each day. 

How are you dealing with keeping track of family phone calls?
How well are you doing with delegating chores for the household?
Do you feel scattered when you are out running errands?
Are you getting confused with too many calendars to keep track of?
How about keeping up with the mail and the bill paying?
Have you missed important events and lost tickets for concerts?

Besides working with Space and Stuff, Jill can help you develop systems and habits to reduce your day-to-day frustrations.   

Jill will interview you and coach you to clarify your personal and family goals and to choose priorities.  Yes, you can finally finish those long projects and reduce your stress level! 

On Dealing with Legal Process of Divorce:

“This organizing experience is not limited to just a room.  It’s all encompassing.  It helps to clear the ghosts from divorce.  Your paper file system has helped me to advocate for my self in the divorce.  You have acted like a coach to get me back in the market place and even the human race.”

R.H., divorcing with teenager and parents in home, Falls Church, VA