Residential–Home Organizing Services

SPACE PLANNING–Assess, Design, Plan, Implement

Current Home

  •  Plan and sketch furniture rearrangement
  •  Design, plan and set up zones for storage layout
  •  Apply basic Feng Shui principles of flow

New Construction 

  •  Functional assessment – Architectural drawings
  •  Storage – Sketch best areas for closets, shelves, window seat, etc.
  •  Access – Re-configure based on predictable patterns of movement


  •  Draw layouts for closet interiors
  •  Design custom-made, built-in storage furniture



On Jill's Space Planning Consult:

“I just wanted to thank the many folks (on this Mom’s Listserv) who responded to my request for an organizer, particularly those who recommended Jill Lawrence. What a difference! 

Although we hired her to help with our closet/bedroom, we talked about our larger issues with space and storage. A 2.5 hour consult resulted in doubling the space we have for the baby to play.

This weekend we’ll attack the closets with full battle plan. I think this will be like the tv show ‘Clean House’ – but without Neicy’s berating me for my foolishness!”

T.U., Transportation Executive, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC