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INFORMATION (Paper Files)–Categorized, Simple, Memorable

Some clients say that they have been using the “gravity method” of filing.  They are ready to opt out of that system and opt in to a new approach.

Designing a category-based filing system with Jill gives you a well-functioning structure for all the paper that lands in piles scattered around the house. 

A clear sorting plan based on major categories of life –  like Health, Finance and Property – keeps it simple.  Your individual folders become easy to find within the “departments.”

Jill’s system of sorting paper utilizes her 6 narrow (just 20" deep) folding tables.  On top of the platform of tabletops are a series of free-standing sorter racks for file folders. In this way, large amounts of paper can be separated into a useable, understandable system in the least amount of time with minimal stress to your body. 

Important documents such as Vital Records and Insurance Documents, genealogy research and also family photos and jewelry can be kept together in a fire-resistant 2-drawer file cabinet/safe.

Most clients say that they always tried to sort paper by making piles on the floor and then messing them up by trying to walk through them –  so they gave up!  But working with Jill, they dispose of the unneeded paper by recycling, shredding or trashing.  When it’s complete, anyone in the family can find important papers in case of an emergency.


On a Vital Records File System Saving the Day:

“The day we left for Germany it was 11:30 in the morning and we had to leave at 8.  I was checking the passports in the vital Records section of the file system you set up (in Hot Pink!) and saw that my son’s passport had expired 2 weeks prior.  But we found a place that could make a new one on the same day. 

All we had to do was grab the Vital records section that had everything in it in labeled folders.  I didn’t know what we would need.  We made it there and they asked for Social Security, “No problem.” Birth Certificate – “Here it is,” Old Passport – “Right here.”  We got his passport in 3 hours.  I was so grateful for the system.  I kept thinking, “Thank God...and Thank Jill, of course!”

C.D., Teacher, Cabin John, Maryland