Residential–Home Organizing Services

AESTHETIC IMPROVEMENTS–Style, Selection, Artful Arrangement

Image Consultant   Guide clothes selection to fit and flatter  
Decorating  Select and rearrange decorative items and art
Move Out    Home staging for quick sale at higher price
Move In      Settling in to unpack new home or second home


On Jill’s Clothes Closet Styling:                                               
“Jill did an amazing job sorting through our mountains of clothes (20 year accumulation), helping me decide which styles colors, and fit continue to make sense given my lifestyle. After the “purge”, she organized my closets beautifully by category so I know where to find EVERYTHING now. Prior efforts to take on this and similar organizing challenges have left me frustrated or worse (I even cried once). I’ll definitely use her again when I’m ready to take on my paper issues, too.”

S.H., non-profit director, NW, Washington, DC