Residential–Home Organizing Services

ACTIVITY AREAS–Ergonomics, Function, Flow, Processes

But there is more to professional organizing than just setting up those closet systems.  What about the choices of which furnishings go where in Activity Areas? 

Imagine what some of these spaces might be like in your home.  Coming in the door after a hard day on the job would actually be uplifting!

Functional Areas

Kitchen, Bathrooms 

Social Areas Play Room, Media/Game Room, Dining Room
Quiet Areas Library, Living Room, Bedroom
Creative Areas Crafts/Art/Music/Yoga Spaces
Work Areas Home Office, Laundry, Tool Shop

On Jill’s Kitchen Organizing:

“Dear Jill,
What a pleasure to wake up to a spacious, calm kitchen. Its form now increases fun function!  I use the counter as, and I am not making this up, a counter. It was a thrill. With everything in its logical place, it is easy to maintain the order and cleanliness, and to Want to maintain it.” 

R.W. Professional Speaker, Baltimore, Maryland, February 7, 1996 (Jill’s First Client!!)