Hands-on Marathon

Discount Rates!  Marathon Packages
Marathons come in various types. All of them have discounted rates of at least $5 off per hour.

All of them will save you money. Here’s how.

1. Direct discount of $5 or $10 per hour

2. No expense for paying for the time to stack boxes and bins, fold tables, load supplies in the car – and then come back on another day to unload the car to set it up again.

3. You have use of the tables and sorting station for “homework projects” that you can do on your own for free if you want.

4. On the second day of the marathon, you will “know the drill” and can sort, decide and process at a much faster rate.

Marathon Day:  (Discount  – $5 off per hour)
This is a single 8-hour workday which gives you a $5 per hour discount.

Although some clients stick to the minimum hours for a work session (4 on weekdays or 5 on weekends), many people get so motivated by the speedy progress that they eagerly work longer sometimes up to 8-9 hours. Those who want the fastest, most dramatic results book time to do these marathon full-day sessions. 

Marathon Blitz:  (Discount  – $5 – $10 per hour)
This is at least 2 consecutive days of sessions. You receive a $5 per hour discount. If the marathon lasts 3 or more days, those additional days receive $10 off per hour!!

Jill’s 6 narrow folding tables (only 20" wide and lightweight!), 3 pop-up bag holders, boxes and bins (and sometimes even lamps), remain in the client’s home or office overnight.

These back-to-back sessions average between 5 to 6 hours each day.




On the Experience of Marathoning:
“On the first day, I think, she’s kooky and fun – a lot better than I thought. She really lightened up the whole shame issue – kind of normalizing it – it’s not that bad. We started sharing – having girl time. There were 2 or 3 “E-boxes” (emotional) that we just set aside for later. By day two, it started to feel like the stuff started to do it itself. The categories are what made it easier. It was very surprising, a very growing experience and in some cases – fun.”
S. L., Retired Accountant, Olney, Maryland