Hands-On Basic

Work sessions are generally open-ended, so the client keeps working until he or she starts feeling tired. Sessions that are longer than the minimum number of hours  – or several days in succession are called Marathons and they save you money in several ways.

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Minimum Time for Work Sessions

4 Hours – Weekdays
5 Hours – Weekends/Holidays/Marathons

In order to accommodate the different needs of clients, Jill offers these options as examples. You can make up your own!!

This 4 or 5-hour “Spark-plug Session” can be a single session to train the person in the techniques of sorting and get the client’s organizing engine revved up.

Weekly Sessions:
Many who have years or decades of delayed decision-making often choose to schedule a regular weekly session on a specific day. They may or may not do “homework” in between visits.

Room by Room:
Another option is to work for a couple of sessions – long enough to clear and organize a room – and then take a break for a couple of weeks or months to savor the progress before tackling the next space. Choosing a date and time for the next session and writing it in your calendar is the best way to stay on track.

Former clients sometimes have a major life transition that requires a tuneup to adjust their organizing system (telecommuting, new baby, mother-in-law suite, empty nest, a move, etc.).

Infrequently, clients go through a crisis that may precipitate backsliding. They also need some quick help to get them back on track.



“Do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt





On Weekly Sessions:
“ I needed help on how to space plan the big picture and how to do the sorting. I was flummoxed by the subtlety of crossover categories. I always tried to micro sort too soon and get lost in the minutiae. Now I have a visual structure that doesn’t confuse my eyes. This was a step-by-step process of weekly sessions where Jill got me past the pitfalls to finally have a framework for my stuff.”
M.S., Junior High Schoolteacher, Fairfax, Virginia









On Room-by-Room Sessions:
“I’ve discovered that I can do much more focused work-at-home sessions in my bedroom (in my big chair) now that I really like being in my room. I’ve kept my room as neat and orderly as it was when you were here. It feels so good to know I can feel proud of, not ashamed of my room when my friend comes to stay this week.”
S.O., Hospice Social Worker, Gaithersburg, Maryland