Consultation Package

After your initial phone call, the next step is a consultation appointment.

Consultations with Jill-of-all-Trades are not just a brief meet and greet to see if personalities and styles are a good fit (very important, though).

No hands-on sorting or organizing work is done during this consultation.

Please don’t “clean up” for the visit.  Don’t worry about dust and don’t worry about pet hair.
Don’t put any piles into bags or boxes to straighten up.

It’s important for Jill to see things “as is.” Noticing where things landed, what’s in the piles and how long the various piles have been there helps her to come up with targeted ideas to help you.  Her system needs to be custom-designed for the specific clutter “issues” in your home.

Sharing Session
The purpose of the consultation is first for you as a potential client to share your challenges, vision, priorities and any deadlines you have for completing your goals.

Jill will walk and talk with you as you show her your clutter “hot spots.”

Brainstorming of ideas is a joint effort. Jill will share ideas of customized tips. Generally clients join in with their own questions and great ideas.

Planning to Move?
If you are moving, Jill will look at your “home-to-be” in-person (or at least the drawings) first. Then she will ask you questions to learn as much as possible about your goals for the new space. You will hear suggestions and give feedback.

This process will guide you to make decisions about what to pack, sell or donate.  She will also help you sort, organize and downsize to make the settling in process quick and easy.

Planning to Stay?
As you walk, Jill will ask you about how different pieces of furniture are currently being used. Which pieces are “squatters” – those spacehogs that act like clutter magnets and deprive you of floor space to place taller, more useful storage furniture?  

You will receive “eagle’s eye view” sketches on oversized paper of possible furniture rearrangements for each room to free up more wall space for tall storage furniture or built-ins.

Sketches of tall storage furniture, built-ins and closet layouts are part of Jill’s consultation package. Approximate heights, widths and depths to fill the wall space comfortably and provide homes for “homeless” objects is included.

Tips and Techniques
You can expect to take notes of specific ideas from Jill on ways to improve clutter problems in various areas of the house including specific inexpensive products that could help.

Bonus Information
As an extra bonus, Jill is very knowledgeable about house construction and maintenance of systems. She can help you make a list of home maintenance items by trade (Electric, Plumbing, Carpenter, Roofer) so that the house doesn’t cause you unnecessary expenses in a future crisis.

As a presenter of teleclasses since 2002 on Environmental Safety through the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, she is a national expert among professional organizers on fire, flood, mold and pest issues. You can learn about prevention of these problems, as well. 

But this is not just an outline of problems to overwhelm you!! 

You will receive information on how to repair the problems. Jill can provide a list of contractor names and contact information and help you make a Mind Map arranged by trade to capture other Home Maintenance To Dos as you notice them after she leaves. 

What’s Next?
Near the end of the visit, you will receive a pocket folder filled with about a dozen organizing articles written by Jill as well as how-to handouts from speeches she has given.

The majority of consultation clients go on to schedule Hands-on Work Sessions.

Written Plan is Extra
Some “Do-it-Yourselfers” prefer a more specific typed plan so they can do the work on their own with friends and family.  For them, Jill will prepare a multi-page plan including steps. She will show them how to put together their own makeshift work station using furniture they have. This plan may include shopping lists for helpful products arranged by store.

The rates for these and other services are listed in this section under “How Much?” Costs 

Consultation visits vary from between 1.5 hours all the way up to 3 or 4 hours for a large house with lots of sharing and planning. The average is about 2.5 hours.


It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most adaptive to change. 
Charles Darwin









On a Client Sharing her Goals with Jill:
“Where I’d like to be: Organized in that I can find what I want, when I want. 

I want storage space to work so I won’t end up with 300 Christmas cards, and so I don’t have to buy new spackle every time I have a painting project.  I think everything is intermingled.  I’d like a closet map that shows what should be where.   

My goal is to develop habits for managing mail/papers/finances efficiently so I can have more time for things I want to do: biking, skiing, puzzles, finish needlework hobbies, go back to school or do community service, finish redecorating the house, and entertaining more. 

I’d like to have some space where I can set things I am fond of, like a wall of family photos. I don’t want the house to look “sterile” and I don’t want the house to look “cluttered,” I wish I had a feel for what balance is right for me...”

C.L., Mom, Capitol Hill, DC








In an article in the Hill Rag newspaper, by Mike Canning, published in January 2008, he gave a summary of the talk given by Jill Lawrence to senior-citizen members of the Capitol Hill Village.  The focus of the presentation was on ways to get the house ready so the Village members won’t have to leave their homes and go to Assisted Living.  One tip was to move the washer and dryer up from the basement.  But there were caveats. 

“To avoid problems with water in an upstairs installation, she suggested that plumbers install it in a pan and place an inexpensive water alarm in it, and in addition, attach a small pipe to the pan running slightly downhill through an exterior wall to act as a necessary drain”...( in case of an overflow.)