Communications Projects

As a bonus service, Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD®, also assists both business and residential clients in organizing and completing writing projects. Services include –


Sometimes the objective eyes of a writer with organizing skills is exactly what is needed to write or edit business communication documents.

Communications Services for Businesses

Manuals Writing/Editing – Job manuals, policies and procedures
Articles Write or edit for newsletters, association magazines
Resumes   Focus and refine into consistent format with active verbs
Web Sites    Revamp organization – Research, write, edit content
Speeches   Teach writing for the ear, editing and presentation skills

Also, with Jill’s background in writing and producing for public radio news and information programs, she has the skills to improve any speech writing projects you face. 

Learn to write lively scripts with active verbs and natural transitional phrases.  Be immediately understood.  Keep your audience’s attention.

Writing/Editing Services for Individuals

Whether you are looking to upgrade your position with a revamped resume or have a side project that involves writing, Jill-of-all-Trades can help you tighten your focus and stay organized to complete your goal.

Book projects
Creative writing for English as a second language

Background – Communications Experience

Before organizing, Jill worked as a producer at National Public Radio. She edited interviews for Weekend Edition and Weekend All Things Considered and researched and wrote scripts for features and documentaries (winning two national broadcasting awards for documentary production – research, writing, editing).

In another NPR position, she helped manage the transcript proofreading department for all NPR programs – including Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and All Things Considered.

After leaving radio, she operated her own freelance writing and editing business, Media Blitz Productions.                                                                                                                       
So her degree from George Washington University in English Literature still comes in handy today when working with clients!  

Jill has also published many articles in newspapers, newsletters and magazines. In addition to writing on many organizing and business topics, she has published in other general interest categories. These also happen to be areas of knowledge which she will share with clients when appropriate.

Some of the topics she enjoys researching for clients fall into the category of health and safety including ergonomics, crime prevention, pest control and pet care. She also written on aesthetic topics such as historic preservation, garden design and Feng Shui.




“My statue of David was already in there, I just chipped away the excess.”


On Jill’s Resume Writing

“In discussing my priorities and needs, we identified my biggest priority as getting a new job. Jill tore apart my dense, numerical, jargon-filled resume and after a lot of struggle, we crafted a more readable, under- standable version. Jill likes active verbs. I do too, that’s why my priority was to get a new job. Over and above her resume writing, Jill introduced me to a job contact. We had breakfast, and who knows? ...I do have a job interview next week. And I was invited to give a public speech in my area of expertise, in the precise geographic location where I want to relocate. A coincidence?  You decide.”
L.D., Attorney - Money Laundering Expert, Washington, DC


On Jill’s Edit of a Children’s Book (ESOL)

“Because I grew up and was educated in Taiwan, I am not a native speaker of English. My wish was for an editor who would be smart, accurate and organized, plus relaxed, with a good sense of humor and the ability to make friends with my animal characters. Jill Lawrence helped me by listening to my ideas and then adding detail to the animal characters by asking questions like, “where is he going, why is he doing that, what is that for?” My scenes were made more exciting by adding more sound, movement and pictures.

In ancient China, it was said that the great artists would draw detailed pictures of dragons and tigers. They would wait until the very end to draw the eyes. The eyes were the part that brought the animal to life. Jill Lawrence adds the eyes to my characters in a way that matches my mind picture. It is hard to find an editor who can see inside the brain of the writer and assist so accurately.”
M-S. L. D., IT Government Employee and Children’s Book Writer, Virginia