Business–Office Organizing Services

Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD® of Jill-of-all-Trades is ready to help you with your Office Organizing & Writing/Editing needs! 

Here is a quick sample of options for organizing your workplace with Jill!!

Business  – Consultation

  • Analysis of problems and potential solutions
  • Space planning of furniture and supplies
  • Ergonomic alignment of furniture – desk, chair, keyboard, files, etc.
  • Vision/Mission retreat for group team building
  • PR/Marketing to research and create a plan for marketing campaign

Business  – Paper Tracking

  • Rightsizing of paper with appropriate archiving and shredding
  • Filing system design
    •  Accessible and sustainable
    •  Color-coded and category-based
  • Paper processes for visible desktop system of active files

Business –  Management Systems

  • Projects - Prioritizing, timelines, action steps, scheduling,
  • Daily/Weekly - Routines, tracking, follow-ups

Business - Training – Individual

Business – Training – Group

  • Brainstorming – Team processes, formats, communications
  • Clutter Clearing Day –  Group training and roving support
  • Presenting Topics  –  Lunch & Learn seminars

Please check the information in the section on Communications for more lists of services available for businesses.

Hourly Rates for Office Organizing

  • $110 per hour for office organizing - Corporate
  • $105 per hour for Smaller Businesses and Non-profits
  • $100 per hour for Home-based Entrepreneurs
  • 95 per hour for Family Home Office


Contact Jill-of-all-Trades to receive information, ideas, structure, products and systems to help you –

  • Clarify your goals
  • Focus your priorities
  • Redesign your work space
  • Structure your storage room
  • Streamline your work processes
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce your stress, and
  • Get better control over your space, time and life!

Paying Jill to dramatically speed up the disliked tasks of office organizing is a small price to pay for reducing the amount of stress you feel each day. Just think of what you will do with a calmer mood and more time to spend outside of work!

On Jill’s Ergonomic Help:

“Your guidance has made three worthless (but expensive) chairs into three usable ones. Perception, ergonomic adjustments made the chairs fit my body and my work station! 

M.I., Psychologist, Alexandria, Virginia




On Jill’s Marketing

“Dear Jill, You are the best. Every bit of marketing advice you give is on target. You are so knowledgeable and insightful. Every suggestion you have given me has been great, and I trust your recommendations on my writing, too.”

D.L., Chiropractor, Washington, DC




On Jill’s Desktop File System:

“I feel like there’s more control since the paper clutter has homes and it’s a good thing because my workload is increasing. I don’t have that panic attack of ‘where did I put it?’  I am using the file folders with hot red tabs you prepared titled CLOSEOUTS and PROPOSALS...It really does help me to have categories. That spinning feeling is more under control.”

L.R., Contracts Administrator, NW, Washington, DC





On Jill’s Work Process Techniques:

“Thanks so much for your wisdom and skill. We were talking about you again today and my boss said again that he really liked you. He wants me to order the huge white board. I’m going to do the system on large paper for a bit to get the feel. I did it today and I already felt better. I did start an email log and I am surprised, but I really like it!  And every time I felt the clutch, I said to myself, this will be so much better when the system is in place!”

T. O., Non-profit Volunteer Coordinator, NW, Washington, DC