Hourly Rates


Consultations (Space Planning/Needs Assessment) – $95 per hour

Hands-on 1-day session –  $95 per hour
Hands-on 2-day marathons – $90 per hour
Hands-on 3-day marathons – $85 per hour (for 3rd day)

(Marathons –  Equipment and Supplies stay on site overnight)


  Office – Corporate   $110 per hour
  Office – Non-Profit and Smaller $105 per hour
  Office – Home-based Entrepreneur  $100 per hour
  Office – Basic Family Home Office $  95 per hour

(Reduced rates for “marathons” are also available.)

Minimum Hours
For Regular work sessions, the minimum hours per day are 4 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on weekends.  
For Marathon work sessions with discounted rates, the minimum hours on any day are 5 hours on each of at least two successive days.     
For a Marathon single day work session with discounted rates, the minimum hours for reduced rates are 8 hours on that one day.

Other Services
      Shopping Time – Free 
Shopping time for Basic Supplies is included for free in the hourly rates.
The costs for supplies that are kept by clients are reimbursed to Jill at store price. These items include plastic bins, white cardboard boxes, kitchen supplies, file sorters, etc.

      Shopping Time – $60
Shopping time is only charged if Jill accompanies the client to the store to select items or for a special shopping trip for unusual or bulky items.

Payments are by check.
Residential clients pay at the end of each visit (or marathon of back-to-back days).
Business clients who are unable to process a check after each session are invoiced twice a month.





On Comparing with Therapy:

“After years of therapy, I still couldn’t tackle my organizational chaos. After a few sessions with Jill, I felt like a new person. In retrospect, I could have saved a lot of money had I found Jill earlier!”

S.T., Researcher, Writer and Mom, Georgetown, Washington, DC