Everybody wants to know this important basic info before contacting Jill-of-all-Trades.

Hourly Rates
Cancellation Policy
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Some organizers charge similar rates, but send out novices who have little education, experience, equipment or supplies.  They may also be unlicensed and uninsured!

When you hire Jill Lawrence. CPO-CD® of Jill-of-all-Trades, you get the help of a professional organizer with education, experience and credentials

You work with a seasoned professional who brings a car full of equipment and supplies for use in your ergonomic sorting station.

If you choose a full-time professional like Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD®, you work with someone who has made the commitment to lifetime learning and also teaching others through NAPO chapter meetings, NAPO and ICD national conferences, ICD teleclasses and more.






On the Value of Jill’s Services:
“Thanks so much again for your help. You are worth your weight in gold!!! I have no hesitation in highly recommending you.”
S.O., Health Care Administrator, Gaithersburg, Maryland