Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost Savings  – Accuracy
Also, although Jill-of-all-Trades is not the most expensive organizer in the DC Metro area, her rates are not the least expensive either. The question you might want to ask yourself is this: 

“Do I want to get excellent results that meet my needs on the first try, or do I want to pay a second organizer to re-do areas that don’t fit??” 

Jill has been called in to re-do filing systems and storage layouts that were not satisfactory to clients – so they ended up paying twice.     

Cost Savings – Just Pro-rate it!
So speed and accuracy are vital factors to multiply against hourly rates since quicker, better  results will save you money.

Here’s another way to put the cost in perspective.

First, add all the years you spent accumulating your possessions.
Second, add all the years you plan to live into your future.
Now, divide the potential expense of getting organized by all of those years.

If you use an example like 50 years – well, the payment for organizing sessions are not that much after all.

Everyone does this kind of math when considering renovation projects like re-doing a bathroom or adding a porch or bricking in a new patio. But – in terms of bang for the buck –  Jill’s clients say they get much more day-to-day joy and value from the results of organizing projects –  than they do from many of their high-priced renovations!

Hmmm... Just imagine the difference in how your space will function and how you will feel about living there.






Cost Savings – Speed

Because Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD® is one of the most educated and experienced organizers in the Washington, DC. metro area, the number of hours you pay for will be far fewer than with a newer, slower organizer who may be learning on the job.