Cancellation Policy

Please try to avoid cancellations. They result in a loss of 100% of Jill’s expected income for that entire day. Or, in the case of a scheduled marathon appointment, the loss of several days’ income.

Unfortunately, fill-in clients who can take a slot for a cancelled day on short notice are rare.

Lost income from cancellations definitely takes a toll because the same high costs for business expenses continue.  Bills arrive for health, disability and business insurance; association memberships, conferences, travel, and hotels; web site and other marketing and advertising, etc. 

Even costs normally covered in most full-time employment positions are actually paid by entrepreneurs.  This includes many thousands of dollars for the entire FICA amounts and also thousands more to pay into an IRA for retirement.  Even sick leave and vacations and conference time are all paid out of entrepreneurs income.

So, thank you in advance for reading through this information and avoiding cancellations of appointments!

Preventing Cancellations
To avoid the possibility of short-notice cancellations, while scheduling on the phone, please – check your calendar first and record your appointment. Then later in the day, double check with family, friends, and work for any doctor appointments, neighborhood events, cleaning lady visits, school trips, business meetings, contractor work, etc. that might cause a conflict so you can email about any changes that same day.

There is never a fee for a cancellation due to sudden illnesses and emergencies.
Also, if an appointment is filled by a replacement client no cancellation fee is charged.

Cancellation Procedures
 It is very important to share knowledge of any non-emergency cancellations at least – 
            48 hours before a single-day appointment and
            72 hours before a 2 or more day marathon.

For a non-emergency cancellation of a single-day appointment on less than 48 hours notice – a payment for 2 hours time at the normal hourly rate is charged.

For a cancellation of a 2 or 3-day marathon – please pay for 2 hours for day one and for 1 hour for each subsequent day in the marathon. So for a cancellation of a 3-day marathon with less than 72 hours notice, a payment for 4 hours time is charged.  This payment for 4 hours is far less than the actual loss of 15 hours of scheduled income.                                   

Early Warning Helps
In all cases, the earliest possible notice for cancellation is the most helpful even to say, “I may not be able to meet next week because I may have to go out of town on business.”

It is also possible to change the start time to a later time on that same day of the scheduled appointment with a call – or sometimes even to swap days with another client. But this only works if there is enough lead time or warning of potential time conflicts.

A second non-emergency cancellation requires a retainer sent in advance for the minimum hours for that session.







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