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Whether you are--

  • Transitionally Disorganized
  • Chronically Disorganized
  • A friend or family member of a disorganized person
you will find links to lead you to the answers you need to make a positive life change.

These resources include helpful national organizations plus many local Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia resources.

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A Tip From A Happy Client:

"Hi Readers,

This is a tip from me, H.G. I’m one of Jill’s grateful clients.

Please – if you are anything like me and you know that you research to the nth degree before you make a move to actually do what you are thinking about – STOP. Do not skip around and play in these wonderful links for days, weeks or months. You can become dizzy with indecision!

These resources are great for friends or family to use – or if you’re unable to pay for services – or if you live too far away. But if you’re in the DC area, please contact Jill and start acting and doing what needs to be done.

If you’re like me and get bogged down in the theoretical level, at least consider going to the Contact Form to schedule a consult with Jill. You will be amazed at the changes you achieve in so many aspects of your life!

Yes, it’s scary to reach out for help, but it sure is worth it."

H.G., caregiver of many, Silver Spring, MD