On Jill's personality:

“Jill’s great qualities–
–non-judgmental attitude
–happy, cheerful, up
–boundless energy
–very well prepared with   
  knowledge and supplies
–creative to a bizarre degree”

J.L., retired from government

On Jill's ability to listen:

“You have a good ear. ...I have to be polished at work. I can’t share the painful realities of my life. I can be honest with you. You have the ability to listen and sort out crap. That is worth more than money what you did for me today. You are my Paxil. You just don’t know it yet.”
D.N., military medical operations

On Jill's value:

“You’re the best birthday present I ever bought for myself!”
M.D., banking executive

On overhauling a large photographic studio:

“I’ve been using the simple and easy-to-use system you set up for me and it’s working great. You knew to keep it simple and visual for me. You knew not to tie me down to file cabinets and lidded cubbies.  I cannot tell you how much happier I am in my studio space now.  I no longer walk by and peer in but actually am very productive here with my new system of labeled spaces and designated work stations. 

You completely delivered on your promise of getting me and my studio organized. You are so professional and gifted, Jill. I will recommend you without reservation to anyone! Come to a BNI meeting so I can brag about you to 40 colleagues!”
M.G., professional photographer


On finally sorting out the elderly parents’ house:

“After waiting almost a year...“I was absolutely ecstatic.  I felt good going through it all and thought it was a wonderful use of funds.  The more I do, the more motivated I get – and the more energized I get.”
D.R., teacher

On a husband noticing the difference:

“Jill must have been here today – you look so happy!”
C.T., book publisher

On space planning/design help for a home-based business:

“Thanks for helping me pick out my new office furniture (and putting up with me as I stressed out over my crashed computer) I really appreciate your input and suggestions.  I am so excited about my new office furniture!!! Just imagine if you dare how beautiful, neat and functional my office will be next Thursday!  Any hoo, I would like to schedule an appointment to start my new office out on the right foot.”
M.G., sales consultant


On Jill's experience:

“So I thought before I called, how can I find someone that I trust with my ADD? Can I let someone see my mess and help me with it? I interviewed more than a few younger organizers but I didn't feel comfortable with them. They hadn't been in business long enough. I didn't feel I could explain my personal mess to someone younger than me. They were inexperienced in business and inexperienced in life. It was easy to pick Jill."
M.E., solopreneur sales rep

On the quality of Jill's services:

“As you know, Jill, I have worked with many organizers from Virginia and Maryland. By far you are the “best of the best” I have ever worked with. I think you have an incredible ‘sure fire system’ that can make any outrageous situation become manageable.”
C.C., mother of disabled child

On Jill's atitude:

What I like is that you don’t
lecture, preach or moralize!

M.B, acupuncturist

On reassessing the collections of a lifetime:

“I think I used to picture a wonderful time of peace when I would relive the high points of my life – scrapbooks and treasures all around, nothing to disturb.  But I think it may be that instead...in my nursing home era I may be spending my time thinking of how to get next to the gorgeous old ancient (it could be my own husband, unrecognized) in line for porridge, rather than looking backwards...”
F.V., librarian


On working through death of a family member:

“More than any therapist, your work has been very therapeutic for me – the hands on help.  You’re so unique.”
E.H., government  – human resources

On the glee of organizing:

“It’s the storm before the calm.  It is fabulous – the things I’m finding!”
E.P., lawyer

On a phoenix-like transformation from addiction and hoarding:

“You’re a sweetheart.  I’m very appreciative of all the things you’ve done.  It’s made all the difference in life.  Having a doctorate and things like that just doesn’t mean as much as people being kind to you.  That means everything.”
A.D., long retired corporate vice president

On moving overseas after organizing with Jill:

“Talk about situations – I adopted my toddler and then I moved.  I kept saying how glad I was that I worked with Jill the year before.  Everything was so easy to box and easy to find in the new house.”
G.L., lawyer and new mom

On happiness being Jill’s first client:

“I am pleased to recommend Jill Lawrence.  Jill is a highly ethical person who takes assignments seriously and completes them with a goal of excellence.  She is alert and notices what others often miss. Diligent and interesting – a nice combination!”
R.Y., professional speaker

On sharing Jill with friends:

“I told my friend she needs to get her living space back.  She’s already paying for it anyway.  She came over and saw the changes from boxes and bags and piles.  I told her –‘My house looks like this because of Jill!”
M.V., schoolteacher

On a realtor’s referral to declutter a home:

“In the course of selling a Capitol Hill home, I met the most amazing woman.  Her name is Jill Lawrence.  Her company is called “Jill-of-all-Trades”.  She was so helpful to the seller in organizing her home to help make it more salable (the owner has two children and works full time) that I now refer my sellers to her regularly.  In fact, I hired her myself to organize my kitchen, store room and my husband’s workroom.”
L.M., real estate agent


On being prepared for emergencies:

“Very early one morning I fainted and hit my head leaving me with a rather significant concussion. It was so good that you organized all my medical records. My husband was able to just pack the health files in a rolling suitcase and take it to doctors' appointments with me. We continued to use your filing system as we went to our very many medical appointments.

I feel certain the doctors were able to work more quickly and efficiently in part because when a new specialist requested info and test data during an initial visit, in many cases we had it readily at hand so they could review it on the spot and make their recommendations or use it as base line information. Also, we didn't have to repeat testing unnecessarily and waste time, money or other resources. 

My husband was really able to advocate well for me based on these well organized files. I was just too out of it to remember much of my medical history so it was wonderful to have my medical memory in a little rolling suitcase full of Jill files.”
H.G., active grandmother

On Jill’s help organizing a Kindergarten classroom:

“Jill, you are brilliant – I just left my classroom amazed. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you how much easier it is and how much calmer I am. I’m just floored.”
D.T, teacher

On help editing extra furniture in a new apartment:

“Jill’s consult exceeded my expectations. A pleasant surprise was her ideas on space planning and selecting and deleting furniture. I’m so glad I hired Jill – this gives me a great start after moving to a different kind of living space.”
K.M., web master

On reclaiming the “junk” room for a home office:

“She is a catalyst for magic! She has quite a few brilliant ideas. It’s such a spiritual pleasure to look at an organized space. It’s the best feeling in the world, I can’t tell you.”
M.S., radio producer

On Jill’s help with
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

“You dedicated yourself to making my living space livable.  Every room was covered on all sides with clutter, boxes of every imaginable type, size and shape –leaving only a narrow path from the front door to the one usable chair in the living room, to the refrigerator and microwave, to the bathroom.  The bedroom had no path and required climbing over clutter and boxes to go to bed... 

You were very helpful encouraging me to deal with my anxiety over getting rid of stuff....I wish I had thought to take pictures of the many bags of trash, many piles of boxes, many containers of recycling we amassed at the curb on your last day. In addition, in the basement, we amassed a room full of items in blue bags to be given away to charitable organizations.

I am grateful for your skillful, patient, kind help far more than words can say...You are so creative and imaginative – you are a pleasure to be around.  Now, my back taxes are finally done; breathing easier!”
T.S., retired reacher on disability


On looking forward to more Jill-time:

“You’re always fun and never, ever dull. When can I get an appointment?  I need a Jill infusion.”
M.S., IT mastermind

On doing her To-Do List after a 2-day organizing Marathon:

“I just got rid of the books that were in my trunk, and I’m working my way through the “hot” files.  I mailed off an application for grant funding... and also the final document required to effect the correction to my son’s birth certificate that I’ve been working on for the last 2 years.  I also faxed off forms for a substantial amount of insurance reimbursement requests...”
R.F., mom-at-home with disabled son


Client Situations
First Phone Calls
to Jill:


“It’s gotten to this point where it looks like a bomb went off.  My house is horrible.  I can’t have people here.”  





“I read the clutter books but I have trouble organizing my thoughts and prioritizing what to do first and why.  I don’t know what to give up.  How do I structure time for myself when the house is so bad?  I need to re-prioritize.  I have to let go and get rid of stuff.”  





“Paper is the hardest.  The file drawers are packed and I can’t get near them.  The dining table has mounds of stuff on it.  Bills get paid late ‘cause there’s nowhere to organize financial stuff.  






“Our guest bedroom is sky high – well, head high with inherited packrat-y stuff.  I just feel paralyzed when I look at it.  Now I do want to lighten up and stop stuffing it!  I actually want to pare down to a minimalist home!  I’m hoping for a transformative experience.”  



“I’m having short term memory loss.  I just can’t think straight.  It used to be better than this before my mother died.  I want to maximize my space and get a little bit of normality back into my life.  My house is so stressful.  It’s not soothing or relaxing in any way –  plus I don’t know how to decorate it either.”  




“We’re inundated with toys from relatives and my little one throws them all on the floor. I get very flustered and anxious trying to organize my space. I can’t even find myself in this picture.  I get irritated and even yell sometimes.  I feel like I’m gonna “short” myself out!”






“I’ve gotten in a hole.  I need a neutral overview.  I want to purge.  I don’t want to do this to my son – you know – my legacy.  I want a Zen-like life.”





“I keep thinking I should have a garage sale, but the whole idea of sorting and pricing and moving everything outside and getting a pittance for it – well, I just can’t face it.  I’ll end up having to give most of it away anyway.”







“I hope you do excavations.  We’re paperholics.  I have a lot of stuff to jettison.”





“I have a deep interest in too many things.  I’m really curious and I love to experiment and do things that are unique and imaginative. I want to be empowered with tools and techniques.  I need some creative problem solving. I want more sense of order. This house is not me.”