Not to worry...Jill is nothing like Peter Walsh or Neecy on cable TV shows Clean House or Clean Sweep. 

            There will be no “tug-of-war” over a cherished item.
            There will be no eye-rolling, fingerwagging commentary

Jill and Rosellen sorting

Just the opposite is what you will get by working with Jill-of-all-Trades. 

      Empathetic, enthusiastic, encouraging & full of creative ideas–yes; 
      Arrogant, condescending, moralistic, or shaming – definitely not! 


She is trustworthy, supportive, and a non-conformist who is ready to work with you to invent better – and sometimes even quirky solutions on the spot. Her ability to adapt to the different learning and access styles of her clients allows her to create effective strategies and teach new habits.


Especially important is the maturity and mindfulness that comes from having life experience.  Without it, patient understanding of the attachments and the personal struggles that clients face would be challenging. 

Big Picture

Jill’s relationships with clients are built on sensitive, open-minded questioning, deep listening and balanced rapport.  With a big picture approach and an analytical processing style, she can guide clients to stand back and develop unique criteria for decision-making that is truly reflective of their values.

Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD® can help you –

  •  clarify your goals
  •  focus your priorities
  •  redesign your space
  •  restructure your life
  •  streamline your work processes
  •  increase your productivity
  •  reduce your stress

and get better control over your space, time and life!!


On Jill's Professionalism:

“Dear Jill,
It is very – almost impossible – to articulate my feelings.  Without being dramatic - I feel you can’t put a price on what you are doing — because you are saving my life!  In so doing – it probably will enhance – if not save – my son and parents lives, as well.

Your professionalism, integrity, graciousness, kindness and competency is rare in the day and age.  You obviously are doing something with a passion and truly have a gift and truly want to help and teach a person to help themselves.”
R.H., Communications