In the years since 1996 when she started her full-time business as a professional organizer, Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD®, of Jill-of-all-Trades has taken on leadership and training positions in the organizing industry.

Speaking both Nationally and Locally–

to share her knowledge with newer professional organizers through presentations and participation on many Ask the Expert panels is one important aspect of giving back to the industry.

Writing Articles, Book Reviews and Editing–

for newsletters including national NAPO and ICD plus the local Washington, DC Chapter and the New York Chapter’s newsletters gives her the chance to raise the knowledge and understanding among newer organizers.

Writing for her local community newspaper and community newsletters has given how-to information directly to the public.

Promoting the Organizing Industry to the Public–

has been also been a crucial goal for her. In the 1990's very few people had ever heard of the term “professional organizer” and most were clueless about what a “PO” did.

As the Media/Marketing Director serving on the Board of Directors of NAPO’s Washington DC Metro Chapter for 4 years, she worked to expand the awareness of the public about the benefits of the services of professional organizers. In just one year, she got coverage in the newspapers, magazines and TV for over 25 chapter members!

Volunteering in the Community–

has taken the form of teaching organizing skills to new immigrants. She also orchestrated a group of 30 organizers to help her local public TV station during pledge drive.

On Jill's helpful article used by other professional organizers:

"Dear Jill,
Just wanted to let you know that your article on setting up files was the best, most useful description I've ever read (and all in two pages!)"  Congrats,”

Jerri Udelson, Entrepreneurial Consulting Services, April 14, 2000  


On Jill's national teleclass on Client Relationships:

“I’ve listened to many classes.  This was one of the most helpful on  basic application of good people skills to the organizing sessions. Thank you!”
“I really liked this presenter. She seemed very natural, and  adaptable and that is also applied with her clients and their needs. Lots of good information."


On Jill's appearance on the TV show, "Not for Seniors  Only":

"Dear Jill,
It is with great appreciation that I write! You were so kind  to be on "Not for Seniors Only" and to help in setting up the format.  You are truly a pro. Thank you so very much for all of your time, interest and assistance."

Sincerely, Liz Hopwood, February 17, 1998