Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD® has strong ties to the Washington, DC area, growing up outside the beltway in Colesville, Maryland and living in Washington, DC all her adult life.  Her B.A. degree is in English literature with further course work in Education and Psychology -- all from George Washington University. 

Former Career

Before starting her organizing business, she worked at NPR as a producer (researching, writing, editing, mixing) on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition and on Weekend All Things Considered.  She also reported and produced feature stories and documentaries. 

Awards Journalism

Jill’s national broadcasting awards for radio documentary production include a Silver Cindy Award presented in Los Angeles, California and an Ohio State Award given at the National Press Club.

Business Community Leadership

In January 2006, Jill founded a group that meets monthly.  The participants are Capitol Hill-area small, service-oriented business owners.  This group is a part of CHAMPS – the venerable Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals.  The LINKS Lunch participants gather each month to share peer-to-peer questions, ideas and advice on a monthly business topic of interest. To learn more, check out

Awards - Community Policing
DC Metropolitan Police Department

In the early 1990s, Jill became an active member of her Capitol Hill community policing crime fighters, winning a couple of awards from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department. 
            1996 –Outstanding Citizen Award
            1998 –Excellence for Outstanding Services,
                           Community Patrol Award

Jill receives award


On Jill helping an NPR intern who became a Senior Producer:

"Throughout the almost two years that I was an intern at NPR while pursuing my Master's degree in Journalism, Jill was my guiding light.  I could recommend no one with more enthusiasm.
As an eager production intern with both Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday, I frequently found myself with nothing to do.... Then Jill Lawrence came to my rescue. She made it a habit to bring me into the editing  booth and to explain what she was doing -- and why.  She took it upon herself to share her vast knowledge with me -- to show me how to analyze a raw interview and mould it into a fascinating radio piece.
Jill has a natural talent as a teacher.  She is patient and kind.  In addition, she is one of the most organized people I have ever met. Whenever I had a question about a production procedure, she inevitably had already put together a step-by-step instructions for her own  use which she would pass along to me.  
Jill has the unique combination of analytical, organizational, creative and instructive talents along with her innate ability to mentor others...I hope that others are given the chance to learn from Jill Lawrence."

Sarah Beyer Kelly, January 24, 1992
(4 years before Jill-of-all-Trades)
Sarah is currently Senior Producer, Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon