As a trailblazer in the field of professional organizing since 1996, Jill Lawrence CPO-CD® has helped her clients amaze themselves at the marvelous changes they make in their homes, offices and lives.


Specializing in non-traditional, inventive approaches to help clients finally win their battles against entrenched clutter, Jill Lawrence acts as a no-shame advocate to lead and support them to make their dreams come true. 


The Jill-of-all-Trades process starts with a motivated client working together in an alliance that involves mutual brainstorming and creative solutions.

Table with boxes and label making
Jill-of-all-Trades enthusiastically provides to clients in the Washington, DC Metro area –

  •  Holistic Approach on the whole person/family/house/office
  •  Big Picture Assessment and redesign of space/furniture layout
  •  Customized Plans to fit different personalities and physical
  •  Ergonomic Focus on safe, comfortable sorting station operations
  •  Context-Based Decision-making process
  •  Easy-to-access Storage System designs
  •  Color-coded paper filing structures for visual processors
  •  Mindmapping Training to conquer the steps in projects
  •  Simple Mail Procedures to control the flow
  •  Integrated Clutter Management techniques
  • Habit Training to sustain success!

Her personalized, one-on-one, comprehensive solutions guide clients through the phases of recovery, maintenance and prevention of backsliding.


On Jill's Gentle Guidance:

“You were very helpful encouraging me to deal with my anxiety over getting rid of stuff. It was great: you would show me questionable things and when I said I wanted it, you patiently explained how I could do without it. This worked more often than not.

I wish I had thought to take pictures of the many bags of trash, many piles of boxes many containers of recycling we amassed at the curb on your last day not to mention the room full in the basement of items to be given to charitable organizations. I am grateful for your skillful patient, kind help far more than words can say. Fondly,”

T. N., retired on disability